Monday, August 8, 2011

Snow report

There is still a fair amount of snow on Mt Stuart as well as the rest of the Stuart range.  It’s not really surprising, given the amount of snow we received last winter and the mild summer we’ve been having.  I think our temperature has only gotten into the 80s a couple of days this year and the weather-guessers are saying we may not get a 90° day the entire summer.  The reason I’m writing about Mt Stuart is that today was the first time in quite a while that I’ve ridden to the East of town; I generally tend to start my ride into the wind so I have a tail wind on the return trip.  This year the prevailing wind has been from the West at 10-12 mph—a bit stronger than usual.  Today it dropped to 7-8, so I headed East with the slight tailwind to start.  I went out past the Teanaway River (where I have a view of Mt Stuart) and up the first hill on the old road.  Knowing I’d have a headwind on the return, I didn’t want to venture too far; I’ve not been riding enough this year to be in very good shape.  On the way back I ventured onto Lambert Road however, it’s just recently been chip-sealed and hasn’t had a chance to get packed down yet.  So, I ended up with a very nice fifteen mile jaunt but no pictures.

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