Thursday, May 22, 2014

Twenty-nine Pines

I started my journey mid-morning because my plans were to travel only 20 miles or so to the Twenty Nine Pines campground. At the 15 mile mark, I was pleased to find that the Teanaway Outpost (formerly Teanaway Mercantile) was open;
it’s been closed for over a year but has reopened with new owners. After a short refreshment break, I was on my way and soon passed over the Teanaway River.
Mt Stuart came into view and,
even though I would end up several miles closer, this was the best shot that I could get. The six miles between the Outpost and the campground is generally an upgrade. It’s not particularly steep, just continuous; I could definitely feel my 50 pound trailer! Arriving at the campground, I pretty much had my pick of sites—a far cry from what the situation will be this weekend!
Although I was in the area where the Teanaway wolf pack is located, I didn’t hear any howling overnight; this was the only wild mammal I saw.
On the way back I stopped by the North Fork of the Teanaway for this picture.
I faced a mild head wind on the way back, however, I didn’t have the long upgrade I had to contend with on the way out so the trip back was much easier. I returned home to a freshly baked rhubarb cake as a reward for my 45 mile journey!