Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I’ve been on the move during the last week, although most of the time was spent driving the car.  We left for Ocean Shores last Wednesday for Barbara’s family reunion and discovered our cabin did not have internet access, so I wasn’t able to update my blog.  There were around 100 people in attendance but I had the only trike.  The weather was beautiful and I was able to ride 70+ miles over the course of the reunion.  One of the really great things about the area was that there were no hills; yes, 70 miles of flat riding!  The bad part about the weather was that it was beautiful—no wind driven waves crashing over the jetty, and I didn’t see any real good photo ops.  

However, I have a mini-trip scheduled for tomorrow: they recently opened the Snoqualmie Tunnel on the John Wayne Trail and I’m going to ride through it.  I have the trike loaded and will be dropped off at Rattlesnake Lake; I’ll camp somewhere along the trail and will complete the ride back to Cle Elum on Thursday.  It’s only about 50 miles but it’s all gravel so I’ll be a bit slower than usual.

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