Friday, September 23, 2011

Out 'n' back

After moving three tons of pellets yesterday from the yard

to the porch,

I was anticipating having some muscles ‘talking’ to me today. However, I awoke this morning feeling absolutely great and the first day of autumn rapidly developed into beautiful riding weather: temperature in the mid 70s and virtually no wind. After a leisurely breakfast and a quick perusal of the news, I headed east of town on the old road. The slight breeze was from the west and I was content to pedal along drinking in the scenery. It was so relaxing I didn’t feel like stopping; I knew I’d be coming back the same road and I’d take pictures then. After crossing the Teanaway River and ‘powering up’ a slight hill, I was paced by a couple of raptors as I ‘flew’ through the Bristol flat area. Just beyond that I did my turnaround and stopped for a drink. Looking back at the flat area I’d just traversed,

I was somewhat reminded of ‘The loneliest road in America.” However, the scenery here is much more inviting than on US 50 in Nevada. The slight breeze I welcomed as a tailwind on the way out was now freshening a bit as a headwind, but I was content to keep my heart rate in the 70-80% range regardless of what speed I maintained. At one point I noticed the new enclosure they’ve built at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest ( ).

Ironically, the view from inside the enclosure would encompass the river on the other side of the road to include groups of rafters enjoying their freedom.

Continuing on, I arrived at the Teanaway River crossing. This spot has one of my favorite views of Mt Stuart.

I deviated slightly from the route I’d taken on the way out, and returned on Airport Road; the black Lab that generally comes out to greet me was in his enclosure but he barked hello as I sped past. I returned home just as the odometer rolled to 17.0 miles and went inside for cookies and chocolate milk.

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