Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leisurely ride = n - 1

Today is another +90° day; I’ve lost track of how many we’ve had and the weather-guessers are calling for a couple more before we ‘cool down’ to the 80s.  I realize that our hot weather stretch doesn’t compare to some others throughout the country, but it’s still hot!  One of my daughters was in town visiting today and I (somewhat jokingly) asked her if she wanted to go for a bike ride.  She accepted the offer so I aired up the tires on one of my old bikes, posed for an obligatory picture

and we were off. 

I mentioned to my wife later that the last time I went for a ride with Jessica, I was on a 2 wheeler and she was on a trike.  I chose one of the shorter, flatter routes I usually ride because, although Jessica is somewhat athletic, it’s been a while since she’s ridden a bike.  During our leisurely ride we decided that she may as well take home the bike she was riding; I seldom ride it and someone stole hers a few years ago.  So, my stable of bikes is down to three—an upright, a recumbent and a trike.

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