Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet sixteen

No, I was never 'sweet' 16 however, I did just have a very nice sixteen mile ride.  The sun was glaringly bright but the temperature was in the low 40s with a light, variable wind. 

I started off going out Airport Road and then took off on the old road toward Ellensburg.

 I stopped at the Teanaway River where I could see a lot of fall color laying on the banks.

To the North, Mt Stuart stood, draped in a fresh coating of snow.
Farther along, I could see the Yakima River wending its way through the fall color remnants.

I turned off on Taylor Road, a gravel road I'd never ridden before;

at the top I was able to see the ridge that is southwest of town and noticed the first dusting of snow on it (the peak in the center of the picture.)
At Lambert Road I was back on chip seal and stopped when I crossed the Teanaway River again.

From there it was a short five mile jaunt back along Airport Road to home.

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