Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween decorations

We've had extremely mild temperatures for the past three days; mid 50s, sunny and no wind. I've been making the best of it because I know the rain/snow and colder weather can't be too far away. After traveling up to Lake Cle Elum yesterday and a fairly decent ride the day before,I thought I would just ride around town and checkout some of the Halloween decorations. There were some fairly basic ones consisting of just a couple of pumpkins,

and some more elaborate including a headless horseman on a full-size horse.

I actually found one man who was still in the process of setting up his decorations.

One of the scariest parts of that display was the dog; when I stopped in front of the house, he turned to look at me and I wasn't certain that he wasn't going to come after me.
Some of the decorations consisted solely of a commercially obtained item plopped in the middle of the yard.

Some houses had no decorations but still conveyed the spirit of the season.

I thought the scariest decoration was this:
a decorative, inviting doorway with who knows what chained in the small shed adjacent to the steps.
The local Halloween parade will be on Monday; I may or may not decorate my trike, but I think I'll be in attendance to see the costumes.

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Serge said...

That headless horseman would sure be scarier during the night!