Thursday, October 20, 2011

A walk in the sun

While we were in Death Valley I decided to hike through part of the Mosaic Canyon; the first half-mile is uphill through a channel eroded by water.

The hot, unwavering rays of the sun beat relentlessly on my head and shoulders but they seemed to impart an energy and feeling of strength throughout my body.

Although the shade provided in places by the canyon walls was welcome, the sun was the giver of strength.

The silence in this vast cathedral of sand, marble and rock was overwhelming. The slightest sound seemed enormously magnified because of the narrow passage and the stillness of the air;
the crunch of my sandals on the sand and my breathing were the most notable. However, when I stopped and held my breath, I'm certain I could hear my heart beating in my chest. Too soon, I reached my goal for the trip

and stopped: to consume my bottle of water--to contemplate--and to wish I could go farther. The spell was broken as other people began to invade what was my personal corner of the world. The trip back was reality as I was constantly meeting other hikers;
the moment had passed.

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