Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Car trip

This post will have absolutely nothing to do about biking, other than we are traveling so I can do a ride. Actually, I'd thought I'd be able to get a couple of short rides in after we'd stopped driving for the day but that hasn't worked out. We left Cle Elum Monday morning and the rain started; it was intermittent throughout the day but very heavy at times, especially as we were driving over the Blue Mountains in Oregon. We stayed overnight in Caldwell, Id. The next morning was overcast and we caught a few showers but then it began to clear. We took a scenic shortcut at Bliss, Idaho through a section of the Snake River Canyon that has an area called Thousand Springs.

Just below Twin Falls, Idaho we connected with hwy 93 and headed South toward Ely. Hwy 93 is not 'The loneliest road in America;' however, it does intersect with it.

Just before we got to Ely we caught a glimpse of the Ruby Mountains under their cloud (and snow) cover.

We were very disappointed when we got to Ely to find that there was no room at the inn we had stayed in before. We took a room in the local Jailhouse (Motel)

and went back to the Hotel Nevada for dinner and gambling. The next morning we began the trip and just outside of Ely, as we were rounding a curve we were confronted by Mount Wheeler, a 13,000 foot behemoth covered with snow.

We continued on,stopping in several small towns along the way. In Caliente, we found a dinosaur attacking the train station

But I jumped into the fray and halted the destruction.

By the time we got to Las Vegas it was full--or, at least, the freeways were. We continued through the city and ended up at Boulder City. We'll cross Hoover Dam tomorrow and get ready for my bike ride in Arizona.

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elizabeth said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear about the ride.