Saturday, February 11, 2012


The day dawned bright and cloudless; the rising sun gave promise of a delightfully warm day--at least I guess that's the way it began, as it was a pleasant 40° when I rolled out of bed at 9:30.  After a leisurely breakfast and perusal of several on-line newspapers, I set off for a ride.  My travel took me past one of the places where I'd taken a picture of the fall colors. 
There's an absence of color today; however, the contrasting black and white of rocks and snow presents its own beauty. 

Farther along, I encountered the turn-off for Mohar Road which starts with a fairly steep, curvy uphill. 

The weather has been warm enough that I was certain I wouldn't encounter any ice on the road, so that's the direction I headed.  After rounding the first curve I discovered that it wasn't ice I had to worry about.  The road crews had used such a copious amount of sand to give traction for cars that there was too much to provide traction for me; halfway up, I decided I wasn't going to fight it anymore, and retreated until the sweepers get out and remove some of it.  I went around to Peoh Point road and made that climb--about the same elevation but fewer curves and thus, less sand.  I finished off the day's riding with a trip up swimming pool hill to Safeway.  I guess 'swimming pool hill' will soon be (if it's not already) a generational name since there is no longer a swimming pool in town.

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