Sunday, June 6, 2010


I made it past Ellensburg (total of 30 miles) and will spend the night in a campground instead of pitching the tent somewhere in the boondocks. I've ridden the canyon road numerous times but always see something interesting. Today there was a deer grazing right on the side of the road. It didn't notice me until I said "Hi, deer"...figured I'd better warn it so it didn't jump in front of me.

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Barbara said...

The camp site looks quite nice. Probably better than the one down by Roza. Hope you can get started okay tomorrow without your coffee!!

Frances said...

What? No coffee? I don't understand how this plan is going to work if you don't have coffee readily available every morning!!

Glad to hear Day 1 was a success!


TheMegster said...

And you're off! Will be watching eagerly for updates, sounds like an awesome adventure.

GOOD NEWS: NPR had a little segment on Friday with a long range forecast guy saying the weather should stabilize over the next few weeks back to 'normal'.