Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 2

I got my 9AM start today, although I'd wanted to get off a bit earlier so I could make up some of the miles I didn't ride yesterday. The canyon was, well, the canyon; it was fairly green from all the rain, but the only animals I saw were a nesting bald eagle with two fledglings. The hills were quite challenging as the only other time I've ridden them was on an unloaded bike. However, there were no feal photo ops and once I hit the Yakima area I wasn't looking at too much besides traffic. It wasn't as bad as I expected but nothing that warranted a picture. I was going to stop in Wapato for the evening but there was no campground or motel; so, I had to ride another 10 miles into Toppenish--which is where I had planned on spending tonight before I had the rain delay.

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Frances said...

Sounds like you'll be hitting the edge of the state before you know it! I'll have to pay attention so that I know when to expect your arrival here! x

Jessica said...

I will follow your progress as well so we can plan a lunch or dinner when you come through Omak. Some of the girls at work would like to join us as well if you're up for it.