Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Pass!

Satus Pass was the first named pass that I've been over; although it's 'only' 3107
Feet, it kicked my butt. The grade wasn't overly steep as I approached and I was cruising along at 5 or 6 mph but, about 3 miles from the summit, reality set in--this was going to be hard and I really had to push to maintain 3mph! As long as there was a 3 or 4 foot wide shoulder I could weave back and forth to maintain steerage however, there were some sections that the shoulder was only a foot right next to the guardrail. I didn't feel like arguing my right of way with an 18 wheeler, so I walked those sections. After cresting the summit it was a breeze getting to the campground
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Frances said...

Better a pass than a fail!! Enjoy Stonehenge today!! x

TheMegster said...

Right on! That's a BIG pull up through there, so just getting over by any means necessary is commendable.