Sunday, June 13, 2010

Disaster narrowly averted

After our ride this morning I cleaned and oiled the chain on the bike, took a shower and started my last load of laundry. After brewing a cup of tea I sat down to begin recording the day's events in my journal. That's when I realized I hadn't removed it from my shorts before putting them in the washer! I quickly retrieved the now sodden book; luckily, I had opted to use moleskin and a pencil for the journal. I had anticipated encountering some perspiration and humidity moisture, but nothing like this. I was able to gently separate and dry the pages that had my entries and the pencil markings were still legible. I had brought another book and now have to buy another for backup--I think I'll look for moleskin.

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Frances said...

When I started to read this, I thought you were talking about your phone because I actually do use my gadget phone as a journal when I'm away from home! Cheaper to replace a Moleskin than an htc!!