Monday, June 13, 2011

After nearly a year long hiatus I have decided to start contributing to this blog again. I started it initially to chronicle my preparation for, and accomplishment of, a Bike Around The State ride which I did not complete. I'm not certain if I will attempt that again or chalk it up to experience and move on. I did discover that I was prepared for the daily physical aspects of such a journey, but I did not adequately prepare for the vagaries of weather: lesson learned.

I don't have a month long epic planned for this year. With graduations, visits from relatives, family reunions and the need to paint our living room, I will be lucky to be able to get a one week trip done this year. I have several thoughts about what I'd like to do but it's a bit premature to decide which one (or two) I will attempt. However, I do intend to ride as much as I can--preferably every day. As my planning begins to firm up I will post details; in the meantime, I'll be rambling about various topics.

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