Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I’ve ‘needed’ a means of transporting my trike since I got it last year. It will actually fit inside my vehicle however, that doesn’t leave much room for other things such as suitcases. Since we want to make a couple of trips this year and I want to be able to take my trike, I had to take the plunge and order a carrier for the rear of our vehicle. It arrived inside a box (imagine that).

After unpacking, I was faced with this: (sidewalk art courtesy of one of my granddaughters).

It included assembly instructions which I used to ignore but as I’ve grown older (and wiser?) I’ve found that it doesn’t hurt to at least glance at them. In a relatively short period of time the parts had magically transformed into something useable.

It seems to be fairly stable and now we’ll have to go on a trip somewhere just to make sure it works.

As a reward for my efforts I indulged in some pie ala mode.

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