Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A dearth of Flags

It was a comfortable day for riding; temperatures in the high 50s and a brisk 10 to 12 mph wind. I had no particular destination in mind when I left and my only intentions were to try to shake off my lethargy and to clear my lungs by making them work. However, as I progressed westward on 2nd Street, I began to notice that there were no American flags fluttering in the breeze. The only flag flying was at the fire station; none were in evidence at any residences.

Today is Flag Day--the day in 1777 that the Continental Congress adopted the design of our flag. Although it's not a Federal or State Holiday I would think some folks would have a bit of pride and remember the day. I guess if a special day is not important enough to become an annual three day weekend, there's no reason to observe it or stop to think about why it should be important.

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Just Frances said...

My flag is flying! And my friend in AZ posted a photo of her American and USMC flags on FB today for the occasion. Her two USMC boys are in Afghanistan as we speak!