Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great ride

My sister and her husband decided to go to Yakima today to visit some of his relatives.  That meant I was able to go for a ride and, once again, I did two.  The first was a relatively short six mile run in between doing a couple loads of laundry and it was ok.  The second however, was great!  I started by going out Airport Road; the temperature was in the low 70s and just a hint of a breeze.  I followed Airport Road to its end and started down the old road to Ellensburg.  The sky was a beautiful blue with just a few fluffy clouds; as I crossed the Teanaway River I glanced over my shoulder to see Mt Stuart in all its splendor. I’ve taken many shots of the mountain before and didn’t feel like stopping.  I continued on, up the hill; however, I didn’t want to over extend myself so I turned around and started back.  Once I got back to the main road and knew I had only four miles to go, I began picking up the pace; I wasn’t overheated and there was a slight tailwind.  There is no way to fully describe the feeling of knowing that you are truly exerting yourself; but, there’s no pain.  When I finished and was relaxing with my chocolate milk and cookies I was overwhelmed with a feeling of satisfaction and well-being.  Bless those endorphins!

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