Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Runner's High

A friend from my Marine Corps days, who ran marathons, said the most difficult thing about training was getting dressed; once the shoes were laced on, the run was just a step away. Strenuous exercise can become addictive. There are some days I don't feel like going for a ride, but generally, I can hardly wait for the right conditions to come about. The route I take isn't that important, only the exertion. At some point, usually about half an hour after starting, the 'runner's high' starts kicking in; scientists have studied and debated what causes the euphoric feeling but I don't care. Suddenly, the sky seems bluer, the clouds more cotton candy like. Every green thing seems greener, the road has become freshly paved and I just want to keep pedaling; however, too soon, I have to return home where I relax with a glass of chocolate milk and a few Fig Newtons, daydreaming of an endless tour.

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