Friday, June 17, 2011

'They call the wind Mariah'

This year seems to be particularly bad for wind; it's consistently 10 - 12 mph with higher gusts and changing directions. Since I've changed to a trike, the side winds which threaten to blow me into the ditch (or into traffic) aren't as bothersome. As for the headwinds, I just gear down and grind away. I always try to start out riding into the wind on my daily jaunts so I have the wind at my back on the way home. Since my normal speed on flat ground is about 10 - 12 mph, I end up in a sort of 'bubble' of quiet on my return ride; no wind noise. That usually works well. However, last year I rode to Salmon la Sac into the wind and had lunch before starting back. During my break the wind shifted and I ended up with a headwind both directions. Yes, the wind definitely had a name that day, and it wasn't Mariah!

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